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Adding a catchy title is hard

I've been staring at this blog, trying to decide what to write. AS the momentum from yesterdays events seems to have reawaken within me. As we didn't get the place yesterday. It was priced in a way that started a bidding war. I can't even be upset at losing it for as far as I know they could be in the same situation I am. Staring down at homelessness and no where to turn.

I'm starting to become frantic at times, going over every choice. Checking to make sure that my beliefs in price and affordability are still in toe. Checking emails and social media. I feel trapped sitting here frozen scared from moving away from the screen. Scared of potentially missing something that can save me. That this no longer feels like a journey but purgatory. I'm starting to even question if going to the East coast is best. As what If i can't stand up again.

I have lost everything, what If I continue to fall? What does that mean for me? What do I have in place that will keep me from doing so? How will I keep from telling my story? Dealing with these emotional whatifs is constant. Considering I have no clue where my journey is going to take me just I'm going on one and dealing with the emotional aspect seems to be the hardest part.

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