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I have a dream

I want to be able to connect to people in a new way. By that I mean I would like to share the knowledge I have gained without spreading the negativity of my now. It's why this site has went from my journey to The Air of Happiness. In order to get my version of happiness I need to make a few changes.

While I make those changes I'm going to blog and post pictures of my travel. As part of the change that I need to make is taking responsibility of my past life. While I do that I'm going to continue to grow as a person, the best way I can learn to do that. As my now is to loud and it needs to be quieted so I can hear me again.

I'm looking forward to reconnecting with nature. I'm not looking forward to the cold however. Like everything else it will pass and the warmth of summer will still be upon me. As I'm hoping by summer time a door will open that will allow me to either get a Tent trailer or a house.

Keep coming back as I will be posting new content daily, as you follow me on my path of Happiness :)

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