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It's been a few days

What an interesting week. The week of course started with Valentines Day. I decided to have a date day with myself. In which I finally read the book I was struggling with reading for months. The book is called the Science of getting Rich. This book offered no new knowledge just repeating the same knowledge I know just in a different way. I realized when reading it that it takes a lot of words, just to say be Happy. I also got the title for my book. I watched a movie, and instead of going for a walk I decided this week was going to be dedicated to sit ups. I also took some time to get ready for my next step.

As no matter where you go or what you do in life, You always take you with you. This has became my slogan the last few months of self improvement. For the most part even in my now I'm able to by nice to myself. I'm able to stay calm and rational dealing with No on a constant basis. I'm able to be happy for the people around me. I'm really excited about the journey.

For the next few weeks I won't be posting so much. As there is a lot of work I have to do. I also have to decide the first few things I'm going to buy for my journey. I have to put my things in storage. I also have to deal with the emotion of saying good bye to this house. As it's been my protector, my home. and my world for the past 16 years.

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