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So today there is a little more hope here.

Hope is always a wonderful thing, and today I found a little. I was told so many times from so many different legal aid reps that I wouldn't get more then two weeks that it became a belief. So now I have an extra 28 days to prepare, and to get ready. It's going to be a little warmer in March in Canada so all in all I'm really happy about that today.

I also published this site today. It's still not quite ready though. As I need more content and to finish setting up the forums. I also have to learn about hashtags and how to set up seo and everything else. As I know nothing about these things. So it's exciting to learn,

As this site was one of those doors opening for me. As I had an amazing friend purchase this site for me for a year. Because simply put he Beliefs in me. That is a pretty amazing feeling. The only condition is I had to do this for me and for no one else. If I managed to connect with people along the way. Well that is just another blessing for me.

What is even more exciting to me on this journey is hopefully getting to see other peoples version of happiness. Not just from my own backyard but from people all across North America. As there is so much I want to learn and experience and well Live.

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