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The world as we know it needs to change

The power of a few, who can affect so many needs to change. I don't know what the solution is, as these problems are so ingrained in our society. That the change cannot happen from the few who has the current power in the world. As let's be honest they are why we are here. It doesn't matter what political beliefs you have it's still the same pile of shit just with a different label, and slightly different wording.

In Canada I cannot remember the last time I seen an uncorrupted government. As our politicians value money over the life's they where elected to serve. Since we have no real options we have to keep electing the same people hoping to see change. Einstein had a few words about the definition of insanity which clearly belongs here.

Yet here we are still having not evolved yet from the trails of Socrates. We are still condemning anything we don't understand all for the greed of a few. As it is only a few who benefit from this, as It's funny how the contrast of life works. As this really is going to lead to something much much much worse. Why because instead of dealing with the emotions of everything around us. We have the news to spread the fire, and not enough time to put them out before the news cycle starts again.

As it doesn't matter what the event is the news will tag it with an emotion to sell that to as many people as possible. Anger and negative emotions always have a much further reach than happiness. As the Happy people are smart enough not to turn it on.

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