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Today I had an idea of how to solve work shortages

With my now being what it is. It's natural that it's taking up a lot of my time. What if i could use that time to help other people. As I'm not the only one in this situation. I'm not the only person who is scared of going into a major city where there is more services. Those more services has a cost though.

As things like encampments or even shelters. Crime is sky high while people try to find a release from there now. Those releases are often at the expense of themselves or at other people. Not to mention challenges like finding employment, housing, and most importantly positive relationships with other people.

I have many idea's of how to help with that. What if we could put together a national program. Where companies like Walmart, used homeless individuals to help with night time stocking of shelves to cleaning and getting orders ready for morning pick-ups. In some locations of Walmart's there is space to set up tents and if they have a car they can park there for free. Considering we have a labor shortage It's excellent time to build people up.

We can set up a way to help get people to wherever work is. We can help with getting things like id back, bank cards, employment, and long term shelter if the company and the individual would like to stay there an employed. We can also set up mental health services, We can teach emotional intelligence.

Most importantly we can try our hardest to keep people safe and on upward. Just an idea worth talking about.

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