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Welcome to the start of my journey. I do not know where my journey is going but I have chosen a starting point, and an end point. My starting point is Nova Scotia and my end point is Happiness.

I choose Nova Scotia as my starting point for a few reasons. The first is simple, It's seems to be calling my name at times. It's shows up in expected ways. In advertisements, and in conversation. For example in my Spotify account I have a single reoccurring ad about discovering Nova Scotia.

I have always been attracted to the west coast. The mindset and the way of life seemed much more of a match than on the east coast. Plus the Rocky mountains, it's so beautiful. It's why it's so tempting to go there. As Nova Scotia kept popping up in expected places I began to take notice. There i discovered how beautiful it was and how affordable it was. It seems like the ideal stepping stone to get me where I wish to be. Happy

My plan is to launch this site on Feb 1st. To focus on the happiness I find in the journey well leaving the negative aspects of my life for me to solve. I may share in what they are from time to time. But I will never go into detail. As this I'm doing for me, and if you manage to connect with the way. Then hopefully we can learn and grow together.

I'm going to document the beautiful things I see and think about in my travels. From there who knows where it's going to take me. All I know is I will find the Air of Happiness

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