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What is your routine like?

I started thinking about this yesterday. Where would I be without the good habits I have gained these last few months. Well probably sunk. As let's be honest it's not hard to fall down when your already down. How easy is it to turn to drugs or alcohol or hateful aspects of life. Very very easy when you try to escape whatever pain your in.

So I make sure I'm always aware of how I feel. I do this through meditation and exercise. As let's be honest you can only take no and being shunned so many times before it starts to take it's toll on you. The worse part is if you react negativity to any of these situations you just add to the stigmatism of being in this situation.

As homeless has no bias of gender, race or age. It's part of these reason I'm not plastering my now, and picture all over the place, and just focus on the happy aspects of my life as they are here. Just have to be willing to be nice to yourself in order to see it. Do something that brings happiness to your life and see the possibilities open up.

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