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Where are you Happiest?

So what do you do in your life that brings you the most amount of happiness? Does it line up with how you make a living, or how you deal with making your living? Is it something you share with others?

At one time in my life. I would have said road trips. As there is something special about heading off to the unknown with a group of friends or family. As we where the kind of people that never planned anything more then the direction we would head in. As we never knew, when we would see something we desired to do more. Rather it's a hotel or a restaurant or even the bar we would head to.

We used this to escape from the stresses of work and the mondain life of working 9-5. I remember this one time years ago when I was still in my 20s. We literally walked into work loaded up our systems to start the day, Walked back outside to have a smoke and we had a strange sensation to head to Niagara Falls. So we did called our works mod desk and let them know that whatever we had for breakfast was not sitting well and we had to go home. The best part about this was we couldn't get in trouble as our boss was with us. So we grabbed our partners and we headed off in that direction.

We ended up having one of the best nights I can ever remember just of a whim of a Happy thought. Happiness really is an amazing thing, it really is your superpower.

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