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Why this journey is so important.

I know so far I have kept my own personal details quiet and well I won't delve to far. I seem to be fighting two side of my topic of Homelessness that I'm facing. I can make the journey to the west coast where this is better services and much better weather. Or I can go to the journey to the East coast where life is cheaper and little to no services for help.

The problem is the system. and the last few years I've been apart of it in various degree's. Why well there is much sadder story behind that. I can honestly say that due to delays of covid and well our government letting Insurance companies do whatever they please as the control mechanisms to keep everything in check is over 1 year process to get to LAT let alone when your case is going to be heard by a judge.

It's why it's my biggest fear of going into the system even further that I already have. I'm scared I'm never going to get out. As this system has cost me everything I have worked for 17 years. It's why I have to go to the East Coast if I don't ever learn to stand up again. I might not ever and it's a lot pressure and a lot of emotions. But I desire change more then I desire my now.

The trouble that I'm having is, it's so scary. I have never camped before let alone trying to do so in the winter. I have no clue right now, how I'm going to write or find employment. I have no safety net. I simply have nothing left so it's easy to get up and move. The trouble is doing so for me. As I don't want to be homeless, but I have no other options that i have found upto this point.

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