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It's been two weeks since the start of my journey. I haven't been writing on my blog very often. As I've mostly been using paper and pen. As I've learned from experience I have to deal with the emotions of everything and try to find a way to be happy with it. As I often try to tap into others energy by working thoughts and emotions out via writing an email or text message then deleting it over and over again till I Can be happy with what I'm saying. Well this is an effective tool for me it's also a crutch. As I'm not actually dealing with them just trying to rewrite and with topics that our truly emotional it's a little more difficult.

Also it doesn't help that the people i feel most connected to by doing this. I feel disconnected from. right now. As i just can't seem to tap into that energy right, has turned my focus on to me. I feel truly alone right now and I'm ok with that. As i know how easy it is to scream for help just no one answers me. So i need to answer me and grow and make the change i need to. As i really want to feel connected again.

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