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Life. The life that I have created for myself forced changed upon me. Why because I took the negative emotions of my now everywhere I went. In return it's what I seen in the world around me and what I found was given to me. I focused on a house I don't want to live in. You find a way to take it away, so you don't have one. 

Quitting bad behaviors: Text


Life created an event that made me choose between two things. Smoking or treatments. I choose to do treatments as I desired them more. Once I made that choice there was no going back even if I wanted to. As the money was spent and I was the one who did it. I also made a choice to not beat myself up over that choice. Which allowed me to let it go very very easily. Which made quitting smoking one of the easiest things I have ever done in my life. As I got ready to get ready for what was coming at me. As the bigger the change in life you seek the bigger the resistance that comes forth.

Quitting bad behaviors: Text
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